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Backup Exec Solution for SBS 2011 with Premium Add-on, Hyper-v and Windows 2012

Created: 05 Jun 2013 | 5 comments


I initially posted this question back in December (see

 At the time, BE for Windows 2012 was not available - clearly, that has now changed.

Finally, we have just taken delivery of the server hardware and so I am now looking to order the backup solution.

As per my initial post, the solution consists of:-

- 2 physical servers, each running 2 virtual machines under Windows 2012 Hyper-v:-

The first physical server will run two VMs:-

  1. Physical server 1 (aka PS1), VM 1 - SBS 2011 standard roles (i.e. AD, Exchange, Sharepoint)
  2. Physical server 1, VM 2 - Traditional File server (running Windows 2012 standard)

Similarly, physical server 2 will also run two VMs:-

  1. Physical server 2 (aka PS2), VM 3 - SBS 2011 premium (i.e. SQL server) and backup AD
  2. Physical server 2, VM 4 – Print and RDS server (running Windows 2012 standard)

As a MINIMUM, I am looking to back up the DATA on VMs 1, 2 and 3

Ideally, if budget permits, I would also like to backup the four virtual machines on the two physical servers.

VM 1 and VM3 are running SBS 2011, which covers Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL Server and Active Director

VM 2 is a file server (e.g. Word, Excel, PDFs etc) under Windows 2012 standard

What is the most cost-effective BackupExec licensing model, to achieve this, please ?

Kind regards


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Windows Server 2012 is STILL not is in Beta phase.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Just to clarify something to save confusion later - SP2 that is currently in beta gives agent support for Windows 2012 ONLY, you will still need a 2008 / 2008 R2 server to run as a media server

Media server support will folllow in a future release.

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Hi CraigV and Colin

Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

Not sure where I got the idea that Windows 2012 was now supported by BEX - clearly I have mis-read or at least misinterpreted something.

To check my understanding, Colin, does that mean that SP2 of BEX 2012 (when released) whould provide agent support for Windows 2012, but that I would have to run BEX proper from Windows 2008 - and as the only Windows 2008 servers that I have are the SBS VMs, then that is where it would have to sit ?

The other implication of that scenario is that the SBS 2008 machines will not be able to "see" the Hyper-v hosts, so I won't be able to back up the VM instances.

Clearly, this feels like a kludge - do Symantec have ANY timetable for 'proper' Windows 2012 support ?

Kind regards


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You would need a separate physical machine running Server 2008 to load BE.  I think with your configuration you would not be able to use the BE SBE.  You would need the normal BE and you would need to buy the appropriate number of Agent for Applications and Databases licences to backup your applications and databases.  You might want to evaluate getting the V-Ray edition.

With all the complications, I would suggest that you talk to a reseller or the Symantec Licencing department to sort out what is needed for your environment.

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Hi pkh

Many thanks.

Installing a dedicated, physical server just to use BEX is not going to happen, so unless Symantec have a firm timetable for full Windows 2012 support, then we will probably have to go down the route of a different product - which would be a real pity.

Kind regards