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backup exec suddenly wont overwrite tapes

Created: 01 Sep 2013 | 2 comments

hoping someone can help me. phone support has not really helped me out

I run a nightly job to an lto 4 tape. the tape has a capacity of 1.6tb compressed. the job is only 600gb

this job has worked without any problems since we set it up months ago. suddenly im getting a promtp each night to insert overwritable media.

the majority of my media set is already overwriteable as you can see

 ScreenHunter_21 Sep. 02 03.07 PM.jpg

each night the only thing i can do to get the job working is to move the tape to scratch and then it will run

i have to do this each night (even weekends) when we dont do tape changes and im getting sick of it.

any advice would be greatly apprecaited


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I noticed that you have 2 x LTO00001 and 2 x LTO00002.  Do you really have 2 physical tape with the same labels?  This could be confusing BE.

Whether you have 2 physical tapes with the same label or not, you should move these four tapes to the retired media set, right-click on the tapes and delete them.  Label them properly, put them into the tape library/drive, inventory and catalog them.

Also check that under the BE media management settings, you have set the Overwrite Protection Level to either Partial or Full.  For BE 2010, go to Tools ---> Options.  For BE 2012, click on the BE button ---> Configuration and Settings ---> Backup Exec Settings.  For future postings, do give as much information regarding your environment as possible.


If the above does not work, then go to the BE installation directory and use BEUtility to repair the BEDB.


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to confirm, you have a single, stand-alone, LTO4 tape drive, correct?  No robotic library?

Is the tape actually ejecting from the tape drive when the backup job starts?

The problem only occurs on days when you do NOT change tapes since the last backup?

This issue sounds very similar to this other thread, so you may want to give it a look and see if any of the advice applies to your situation.

If you find this is a solution for the thread, please mark it as such.