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Backup Exec System Recovery

Created: 22 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

Hi !!

First of all excuse me for my translation, I speak a little english.

I work with BESR 8.5 and OpenNMS, my SNMP services in Windows and in BESR is enabled and I have integrated the mib.

I get the traps on my openNMS but it's very basic.

I would like to set traps received by the actions performed.

The BESR-MIB references all notifications on "indeterminate" and separates nothing.

I tried to find OIDs correspond to what I was looking for but I have not found anything about BESR.

I have to test with this OID but it's for Backup Exec and it doesn't work with mine program.

I hope I'm understandable :s

thanks if you can help me !

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Markus Koestler's picture

Have a look at page 127 of the users guide:

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TRaj's picture

To configure Backup Exec System Recovery to send SNMP traps

1 On the Tasks menu, click Options.

  1. Under Notifications, click SNMP Trap.

3 Click the Select the priority and type of messages list and select the priority level at which traps should be generated.

  • All messages
  • Medium and high priority messages
  • High priority messages only
  • No messages

4 Select one or more of the

following options:

■ Errors

■ Warnings

■ Information

5 Select the version of SNMP traps to be sent (Version 1 or Version 2), and then

click OK.

Monitoring the status of your backups

Configuring Backup Exec System Recovery to send SNMP traps

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gaeschill's picture

hi !!

that I do and my openNMS receive the traps

the problem is that I want to be able to differentiate the various traps by my standards because everything here is formatted "indeterminate"

is it possible to find different OID but for BESR like this to configure my MIB ?

Markus Koestler's picture

Let me raise this question to support for you !

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