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Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5 needs daily kick or wont backup

Created: 20 Jan 2014 • Updated: 20 Jan 2014 | 3 comments

I have two different servers both running server 2003.  both are running the above backup.

server 1 which we shall say works as it should in terms of the backup has 5 days mon-fri and 5 different usb hard drives mon-fri.

this backup has 5 different entries corresponding to the day it is.

server 2 is the problem server which i dont understand why as the principles are the same as above. however when i put the new tape in (next days tape)

it doesnt pick it up and therefore has a red cross through the backup.  the backup wont happen unless i run the wizard for that day ( i just need to click next next next and so on) then it decides oh yes the tape is there now.  With this server i have tried creating just one entry (instead of 5) still have mon-fri but the same thing occurs?

Any help...



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This is the Backup Exec forum, BESR 8.5 is now known as SSR and it has it's own forum here

One problem though BESR can only write to disk so if server 1 writes to disk and server 2 writes to tape are you comparing Backup Exec with BESR not realizing they are different products or when you say tape are you talking abouth RDX cartidges or similar and not really tape?

Note the core "Backup Exec" product can write to disk and tape

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no ignore server 1 thats nothing to do with server 2,  that was just an example ( there both independant to each other) that they are both setup the same way server 1 works fine. server 2 needs telling ive put a new hard drive in (sorry we are talking hdd's not tapes)

where as server 1 says oh youve put weds tape in ill backup there tonight server 2 ill put weds tape in and i need to run through the weds job click finish and it then goes oh weds tape.

so in a nutshell there both setup the same, software setup, both writing to hard drives and both doing mon-fri.