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Backup Exec, tape backup file, compression not working

Created: 27 Nov 2012 | 9 comments

Hi All,

I'm a new user of Symantec BE and find my tape backup job does not compress my data when job is done.

In the options, I choose COMPRESSION: Hardware (If available, otherwise software). but seems not working. 15GB data backup to tape, the used space is 15GB, no compression at all.

Is there any settings related to this function that I need to change?

Thank you.


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Have you updated to SP1a and all the latest hotfixes, including the hotfix mentioned in this blog?

If you have, try changing the compression to Hardware (If available, otherwise none)

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Thank you.

No update installed yet, now trying and will update the status later.

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Updated and selected the option you recommended, but seems no change............

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Did you reboot the media server after doing all your updates?  If not, do so.  Also, power-cycle your tape library.

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In addition to above, please verify compression using this article ~

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Sorry, seems the compression is not working after machine restarted and server restarted.

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1) Use the manufacturer's diagnostic utility to test your tape library/drive.  Make sure that you select the write test and have stopped all the BE services beforehand.

2) If the diagnostic test test shows that the hardware compression is working.  Backup the same data to disk using software compression and see how must space it occupies.  Software and hardware compression on the same set of data should result in roughly the same compression ratio.  If the compression ratios are the same, then it is your data that cannot be compressed. For example, if you compess data which is already compressed, the you might end up with more data than you have started with.  See my article below

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Thanks and will try then let you know if it works.