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backup exec tapes to netbackups

Created: 20 Dec 2012 • Updated: 03 Feb 2013 | 8 comments

Is it possible just to copy media created on a Backup exec system to Netcakups media to do restores from there?

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Please note that there is no support for Backup Exec 12.5 images or later version images. And your discussion is filed under BE 12.x...

And even with images/tapes created by supported versions of BE, it is not just copy tapes and restore. Tapes would need to go through a two-stage import process and then only you would be able restore data from there. 

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there is no support for Backup Exec 12.5 images or later version images

This is clearly stated in the first document that I have referenced.

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I do see it in the linked Article. And you could have simply said it is not supported instead of saying you can read.

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I can see the file after going through the import process, but get the restore error in the job. NIF _ Status _ MS Windows policy restore error. See attached.

000772 restore.png
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We narrowed the problem down to the restore process. I can see the files after doing the import of the tape and images. But the restore fails with this error

INF - Status - MS Windows policy restore error

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I have moved your post to NetBackup forum.

If we look at Job Details, it seems as if bptm process on the media server finished reading all data on tape, but then failed with comms error between media server and destination client - 'socket read failed'.

To troubleshoot this error, you need all of the following logs:

On media server: bptm and bpbrm

On destination client: bpcd and tar

If these log folders do not exist, please create them and retry the restore.
Please copy/rename log files to reflect process name (e.g. bptm.txt) and post as File attachments.

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it would be out of box question, though wanted to know, does NBU have any third party connector integration (like we have with EV) for migration from other backup vendors to NBU if in case.

Symantec backup exec to NBU had native limitations to import in single phase. But did not heard of any connectors or intermediators available for pass through import. any idea?