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Backup EXEC v-Ray Licensing

Created: 31 Aug 2013 | 1 comment


I need assistance on Backup EXEC V-Ray licensing.


I have two data centers (DC1 & DC2) at one site with identical infrastructure. Each DC has 10 ESXi hosts, NetApp Dual Controller FAS storage and one tape library with four drives installed.

Now I want to buy the Backup EXEC V-Ray Edition licenses for two DCs.

My question is:

Can I purchase two saperate Backup Exec V-Ray Edition with 20 CPU bundle ???

So that I can have licenses for:

  • 2 Backup servers and media servers
  • 2 Tape Library support
  • License for all ESXi hosts (i.e. 40 CPUs)
  • Agent for Applications and Databases (unlimited licenses)
  • Backup Exec Deduplication Option (x2 license)
  • Backup Exec Agent for VMware and Hyper-V (unlimited licenses)

I am aware that I need to purchase other add-on licenses like Option NDMP, Option Library expansion etc...

Please can someone tell me if the above V-Ray edition licenses are suitable for our requirement. Or is there any other better solution to meet the license requirements.

Your suggestions are appreciated.



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The V-Ray edition is sold on a per occupied socket basis, so you should be able to buy the necessary licences for your sites.  See the document and blog below

2012 Portfolio Licensing Guide

You should check with the Symantec Licencing department before purchasing any licence.