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Backup ExecAlert Live Warnig

Created: 30 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

I am receiving the following warning  regarding needing to update the patch level on Backup Exec Agents:

EVENT ID             34577

(Server: "ENTS") There are 4 Remote Agent Servers that are not up to the latest patch level. To install the latest patches, click Tools->Install Agents and Media Server on Other Servers. From there, click Import and Export->Import Servers Published to this Media Server. This will start a remote install session to ensure your servers are up to date with the latest available patches. 

The current Agent Verison on our Servers is 13.0.4164.109.   The Current Symantec version is Server 2010 R2

When I run "Live Update" on the Console Server, it reports back that 

Backup Exec 2010 is now availalbe

Hotfix 164733 

Would installing just the hotfix (which applies to Server 2010 R2) satisfy the the error message I'm receiveing the patch level, or do I need to install the Backup Exec 2012?  I'm assuming if I check both boxes in the live update, it will try and upgrade the console and I'm not ready to upgrade everything just yet until I do more research to understand the after-effects.  

Also can I just install the hotfix 164733 on the machines that have the agents installed, satisfying the agent version problem or do I have to install the hotfix on the server and then push the install from the console to the machines which contain the agents?

Kevin C.

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If you've updated your media server but not push-installed these updates to your remote servers then you'd get this error.

Run LiveUpdate to install this update now, and then push-install the updates...the warning should be gone.

BE 2010 R3 is the latest version too...


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Hi, and no you dont need to install 2012. This is just to let you know its available.  You cannot install it via live update.

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Thanks for the information Craig,

Just for clarification,  I don't have to push install the Backup Exec 2012 updat that is showing up in the Live Update Window in order to get rid of the error message?

I would like to keep the console version at 2010 R2 without having to install the Backup Excec 2012 option that is showing up with the hotfix update.   This is kind of similar to having IE version 9 show up in the Windows Update section.  I just want to install the patches/hotfixes without running the IE 9 setup.


Kevin C.

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...2 weeks later, but no...this is just an alert telling you BE 2012 is available, which would have to be downloaded and then installed.

Sorry for the late confirmation, but this slipped through.


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