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Backup Failed (Directories not found)

Created: 17 Sep 2012 | 4 comments


The Backup Job is showing Failed because it did not find some of the directories and files that are included in the selection list.

That means if the user deletes any folder or file the backup job will fail.

Is there a way to let the backup job continue if it does not find any sub directories or files?


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This can happen if you expressly select folders under a root folder for instance.

You would either select the highest-level folder in the directory, or when this happens, edit the selection list to remove the entry by deselecting it.


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Maybe an example will be easier to visualise.  Suppose you have a folder structure like




If you select C\a\a,C\a\b & C\a\c, then when any of C\a\a,C\a\b & C\a\c got deleted, you will get the "not found" error message.  You would have to manually delete it from your selection list. Likewise, if you add C\a\d, you would have to manually select it.  Otherwise, it would not be backed up.

If you select C\a, then any additions/deletions under C\a will be handled automatically by BE.

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Well this is what i am doing, selecting the root folder but the folders BE cannot backup are not deleted. I can see and access the folders from the BE Server.

Any other suggestions?


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Ensure that Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) is turned ON so that if there is any file which is in use it will not skip the file. I have seen that the above error " Directories Not Found" does occur when it hits any open file.



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