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Backup is failing with socket error

Created: 12 Mar 2013 | 7 comments


client: Solaris 8

Backup has been failing with socket write failed.

Unable to see any NBU processes running on clinet ,and bptestbpcd is failing from mediaserver .

# cd goodies
# ls
# ./bpps -a
NB Processes

bptestbpcd is not working,please suggest how to start nbu services on client.

Operating Systems:

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RamNagalla's picture

HI siri,

Solaris 8 not support with 7.X

the minimum required ro 7.X is solaris 9 .

so please go ahead and upgrade OS to have the Netbackup 7.X

you can also try 6.X client in solaris 8, though its in out of life cycle untill you upgrade OS to supported version.

siri416's picture

Hi nagalla,

client has 6.5 version . master and media are at

Other solaris 8 clients are working fine.after reboot,the server backups have been failing

RamNagalla's picture

if that is the case....

check bpcd and vnetd are running on the client or not..

netstat -a | grep bpcd

netstat -a | grep vnetd

if they are not running , can start them in standalone more or from Inetd

to start in standalone mode

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpcd -standalone

/usr/openv/bin/vnetd - standalone

they check with netstat if you are able to see them or not..

if you are able to see.. try bptestbpcd from the master  or media server.

if its still not connecting..

please post the output of above commands and bptestbpcd 

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As per Nagalla's post, NBU bpcd and vnetd are listening as part of inetd.

Once you have confirmed that bpcd and vnetd are listening, create bpcd log folder on client under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs.

Run bptestbpcd again with -verbose and -debug, then post output of command as well as client's bpcd log file. Copy log to bpcd.txt and post as File attachment.

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siri416's picture

Hi ,

bpcd and vnetd are showing in LISTEN mode

# netstat -a|grep -i vnetd
      *.vnetd              *.*                0      0 32768      0 LISTEN
3001d9a8f50 stream-ord 300231580c8 00000000 /usr/openv/var/vnetd/bpcd.uds
# netstat -a|grep -i bpcd
      *.bpcd               *.*                0      0 32768      0 LISTEN

RamNagalla's picture

so now, its time for you to post the logs as suggested by Marianne.

go ahead and create the bpcd logdir in client /usr/openv/netbackup/logs

run the below command from master and media servers and post it.

bptestbpcd -client <clientname> -verbose -debug

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Just to add to Nagalla's and Marianne's post, please check:

1. If correct bp.conf entry exists for master and media servers along with correct client name.
2. Host entry needs to be checked in /etc/hosts file for master and media servers.
3. Master and media servers have appropriate entry for the client server.
4. You are able to inter-connect between master, media and client server using ports 13782, 13724, 1556. If not, please check with firewall/network team for packet routing.
5. Check proper routing exists for client server from master and media server.

That should resolve the issue.

+ Dan