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Backup fails with errors

Created: 05 Mar 2013 | 8 comments

I've setup our new BE server and there are a few hiccups.

Right now, my weekday incremental is failing with the following errors on two seperate days (jobs)

-The System State resource is not responding. Backup set canceled.
 A communications failure has occurred with a System State resource.
-AOFO: Initialization failure on: "System?State". Advanced Open File Option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
 The network connection to the Backup Exec Remote Agent has been lost. Check for network errors.
I just listed all the vss writers for the failing server and they are all stable with no errors right now.
This is a server that has had issues that past few weeks and BSOD every now and then, so it will reboot randomly.
This is our Exchange server so my guess is that either it's trying to access files in use or the server has blue screened and cannot communicate.
Why would it effect System State though? Unless maybe VSS writers fail on the Exchange server and since VSS is the system state structure, BE cannot access it?
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I presume that it is only the system state that is having problems.

1) Check that the remote agent service on the remote server is running

2) Make sure that AOFO is on and that you have selected the Microsoft provider and not let AOFO automatically choose a provider.

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Could this have anything to do with the account that BE and the remote agents are using?

Right now it's not using a unique BE account and it's using the built-in domain admin account.

Should I create a new BE account and assign it to the BE system account and BE remote agent services on the remote servers?


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No.  The built-in domain admin account is fine.

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Then why do I keep getting these error messages?
Incremental and Full jobs
V-79-57344-65149 - AOFO: Initialization failure on: "System?State". Advanced Open File Option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
Snapshot provider error (0xE000FE7D): Access is denied.
To back up or restore System State, administrator privileges are required.
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...any AV installed that's blocking BE's access to the system state?


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nope, no antivirus on target server or media server.

Weird cause the other remote server all have system state selected and work fine.

The attached jpeg is what's selected in my system state on my Exchange server.

I did notice that vss writer is in that group, would that cause any conflicts?


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Nope, it shouldn't at all.

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