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Backup fails with status code:84 on NetApp VTL from AIX media server.

Created: 25 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Media Server Platform: AIX 6.1

Netbackup: 7.0.1

Backup: SAP Archives

Our backups fail occasionally with status code 84 from AIX media server when taking backup on NetApp VTL but it is successful when taking backup on tape drives. 

Does shared memory setting like "SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS" and "NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS" affect backups on VTL and AIX media server? Since "Netbackup_70_71_Tuning_guide.pdf" referes on page 132 Note: "AIX media servers do not need to tune shared memory because AIX uses dynamic memory allocation."

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What does the bptm log show when you get the status 84?

Check this technote:

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The same SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS" and "NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS" used for physical tape drives also appliy to VTL as Virtual drives are presented to OS and NBU as physical drives.
Incorrect buffer sizes could cause status 84, but then all backups will fail, not just some. This will also be easily identified in bptm log.

Troubleshooting steps will be the same as for physical drives.

The TN in revaroo's post is old but still very relevant. There is also a slightly newer version: but they contain in essence the same info and troubleshooting steps.

Important  to verify that syslog is enabled on AIX media server so that device-level errors be logged to /var/adm/messages.
Also check errpt output for errors.

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Besides excellent post above make sure your NetApp VTL has got latest firmware installed and check with vendor if there might be any known issue.