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Backup folder windows is importance or not

Created: 18 Dec 2013 | 7 comments

Hi All

I use BE 2012 , I 'm not sure when i setting backup selected folder need to backup ..

For windows folder of system importance or not ?  such as running endpoint  or DNS or DHCP or WEBServer

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Unless your disaster recovery strategy is always going to be a manual install and reconfigure the operating system and applications and then restore users files from backup then then Windows folder (in fact a backup of everything on Boot/System,/C: drive) should be considered as very important (as should a System State backup)'s picture

So incase some day windowse can't boot (loop on windows logon everytime)  

So backup file of windows folder can fix it or not ?

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To solve your problem, you would probably need to recover your server. As previously advised, you would need the entire C: drive, including the Windows directory, and the system state to do the recovery's picture

Yes i selected windows folder and all folder in C:drive  and select system statge

How to recovery system ?   If don't have system recovery .

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To do a manual recovery of your servers, read the procedure in the Preparing for Disaster Recovery chapter in the Admin Guide.'s picture

How to diffrent between BESR and BE backup folder (windows) ?

How to use  restorge file from BESR and BE backup folder (windows) ?

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You are mixing up two completely separate backup products

Both can backup you server (in full)

Both can restore your server using a bootable DVD/CD (BESR users SRD, BE uses SDR)

BE does file level backusp to either Tape, Disk or Deduplication storage

BESR/SSR does block/image level backups to disk storage ONLY

Note: BESR confusingly starts with the words "Backup Exec" but is a completely different product and this confusion caused us to rename newer versions as Symantec System Recovery (SSR) and it has it's own forum

Please make sure you know which product you are using and then use the appropriate documentation (admin guide etc) and forum to research your prioblem.