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Backup Frequency Issue

Created: 06 Jan 2014 • Updated: 06 Jan 2014 | 9 comments
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Good Afternoon all,

We recently had to manually kick off some jobs due to they failing and not being noticed until they were outside of their window.  Due to them being kicked off manually the following weekend when they were scheduled (not by calendar) to run they did not kick off.  We use frequency on everything but monthly and yearly jobs.

These jobs were weekly full backups.  The frequency was set to 1 week, my thought to stop this from ever happening again is to set the frequency to 1 day, that way no matter when we have the weekly job scheduled to run it will run even if we had to do an manual the night before.

Is there any harm to doing this?

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Let the frequency should be 1 week and open the backup window daily so that next day backup will triggered once it meets the frequency instead of waiting for a next open window

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I don't want to change the backup windows.  My basic question was if I have a weekly job that runs say every Saturday does it have to be set to 1 week or will setting it to 1 day also allow it to run, only with the benefit of manual backups through the week not throwing off the schedule allowing it to still run as normal.

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then as you said frequency should be one day and backup window needs to be open only on  Saturday.

so the manual backup shdnt be kicked off with in the 24hrs from the window END time...

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Right, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't cause any problems.

Right now the weekly just has a window on Saturday, I wanted to set the frequency to 1 day so that just in case someone kicks off a manual backup thursday I still get my Saturday job to run.

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Yes smiley..It ll nt miss its schedule..Go ahead

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I do realize that this discussion is closed, but please read through David Chapa's article to get a good understanding of Frequency scheduling: NetBackup Frequency Based Scheduling

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