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backup hung on C:\

Created: 27 Apr 2013 | 10 comments

Hi folks

2 server window 2003 client server having same problem. NBU version whenever backup runs it stays hung for C: and D: but finishs for shadow copy components.actions taken : killed bpbkar process, CPU utilization is ok, restarted NBU services on client box, completed bpbkar NULL test successfully,checked VSS writers all stable, checkd disk space on C: , D: , eventlog have no errors related to NBU , volsnap or VSS. enabled bpbkar and bpfis logs

please provide any idea on this problem.

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finished Full backup of few small size directories and files as well. it completed successfully.

problem which i mentioned in previous post is on CI schedule.

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We need to see bpbkar log. Hopefully you have increased logging level on client to at least level 3?
Please copy log to .txt and post as File attachment.

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tried full backup on folders it completed. but when i tried to backup FULL C: or E: it is in active state since 2 hrs not a single byte being backedup .

attached logs bpbkar1 , bpfis1 when backup completed for a small directory.

attached logs bpbkar2 ,bpfis2  when FULL backup stays hung

bpbkar1.txt 261.58 KB
bpbkar2.txt 93.68 KB
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bpfis logs

bpfis1.txt 261.58 KB
bpfis2.txt 93.68 KB
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you posted same two bpfis logs, twice, please try again with bpbkar logs

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Is this a VM ?

Can you upload the job detail status from the same day from the bpbkar and bpfis you uploaded ?

Are there any error in the application event viewer.

What anti-virus are you using ?  If anything other than symantec, be sure to make exclusions for Netbackup .

You may need to increase the pagefile size.

Have you tried to reboot the boc having the issue ?

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no it is a physical box

no error in event viewer 

Mcafee, exclusion for NBU already done

never thought to increase pagefile size.

reboot of box solved the issue. but question remains what was the problem  ????

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You never gave us the bpbkar logs. Just posted bpfis twice.

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Do you have the following logs at a verbose 5 ?

bpdbm - master

bpbrm - media

bpbkar and bpfis - client ?

If not, it will be hard to determine 100% what the root issue was, however, may I suggest the following :

1) patch up to - It is best practices to be at the latest patch set.  This is documented in our upgrade procedure.  Here is a list of known issues depending on what patchset you are on and what is fixed in

Here are the links to download

2) I found one case that they had to increase the page file size to prevent this from happening. Doing a quick google search I found

This may be while you saw a CPU jump.

Hope this helps, and please don't forget to mark your solution.

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Hello rookie11

Were you able to patch up the enviormnet and increase the page file ? Are you still having an issue ?