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Created: 30 Jun 2014 • Updated: 01 Jul 2014 | 5 comments
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Hello everyone, I am using backup Exec 2012 on a W2k8 R2. I am having problem with one of my backups and cannot find where the issue is. anytime my full backup runs, it delete the previous full backup and create the backup for that day; eventhough, there is a lot of space on the backup disk. I will like to it to just continue using up the available space until there is no more and if there is no space available, to delete odest backup and  on disk. Can someone help me out? Thank you...

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On disk backup exec 2012 deletes things on a 4 hour cycle as long as the expiry date is reached. As such if you want it not to delet things increases the expiry date.

Removal of older backup sets is not linked to running a new backup job any longer.

Please bear be mind though: increase it too much and you might run out of space.

BTW no version of Backup Exec has erased data only when there is no more space available it has always been either erase data when overwritable media is needed and a certain time has been exceeded or just the certain time exceeded - no link with erase when full is possible.

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Can you tell me where are the settings so that i could extend the 4 hur cycle?

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Where can I increase the expiry dates?

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Disk storage is managed by DLM and, by default, it will not delete the last recovery point.  From your description, it would appear that you have set DLM to delete the last recovery point once it is expired.  See the registry setting at the end of this document

A value of 0 for the DeleteLastRecoverySetsOnceExpired registry setting would be more appropriate in your case. This would mean that the last backup set would not be deleted until you have another successful backup to take its place.

You can also retain your backup sets for a longer period.  Edit your job and change the retention period accordingly.

BE 2012 - backup set retention.png

but do be careful when setting the retention period.  If you set it for too long, then you might fill up your disk and your backup jobs will fail due to a lack of space.  See my article below

As a last note, the 4 hour grooming cycle by DLM cannot be changed.  See this blog for more details on DLM

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Found my problem!!! My append period was set to 1 day so my data was being overide by the new backup. My retention period was fine.

I went into my storage, all media set, choose the set i needed to work on, properties, increase the append data time, and all worked out fine...

Thank you everyone, have a wonderful day.