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Backup job is creating multiple BKF files

Created: 11 Feb 2013 | 9 comments
I am using BE2012 and trying to backup servers to disk storage creted on NAS box. My backups are successfull and restore is also successfull. One thing I have noticed that even if my B2D folder properties says to create 100gb single BKF file, my backups are creating multiple B2D files (not 100gb in size) and the backup size is around 109GB so it should maximum 2files but it is creating more. Here is a example below.
I have selected d:\drive from a server. and under job log it says it used
All Media Used
Backed up 276277 files in 10542 directories.
Processed 116633063180 bytes in  9 hours,  2 minutes, and  9 seconds.
Throughput rate: 205 MB/min
Compression Type: None
I am attaching few screenshots to give some clarity,
I am expecting that this should create a single 100gb file.

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CraigV's picture do realise that by doing so you risk losing half your data in the event 1 of those *.bkf files corrupts?

Default is 4GB, and while it allows you to set the size of the B2D files, it is recommended not to set them too high...

That said, try setting the size lower, start a backup job and cancel it, and then reset to 100GB if you really need to have the files that large.

Some guys have had great success with file sizes between 10-25GB!


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Hello CraigV,

I understand that it increases of loosing information if i have bkf corruption. But what if my data increases to 500Gb to 1tB in future. I need few files in my folder to manage them properly because in BE2010R3 i used to get file size what I need for bkf. So any other thought you can share on this.

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...THEN it becomes a bit more understandable that you have multiple files of a larger size. The amount of data you would lose in 1 file of say 10 x 50GB files (500GB total) would be 10%. Just think about how to best limit your data loss vs. your file sizes.

Otherwise, create a new B2D with the size of file you want and point your backups to this...see if you get the same issue.


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Hi WikiDonor,

In BE 2012 the default size for each BKF file is 50GB. Suggesting you to have it set to the default file size.

Also, refer the below mentioned article and go deeper on the console to find out the content of each BKF fille:

How to enable or display Hidden backup to disk or Disk Storage (BKF, IMG, OST) media in Backup Exec 2012.

However, what is the size of these bkf files which are created in the scenario you have mentioned?
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I have gone through this article before but that is not my concern which you pointed in the article. I need to know how do I get a single 100gb file which I specified in B2D folder properties. Because currently my 109gb single resource backup job is splitting the data to multiple bkf.


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Would you pls post a screenshot of the actual bkf files (With their sizes).

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What is the size of each bkf files? Have you checked the content (files backed up) of each bkf file you have mentioned?

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Backup Exec 2012 will NOT append to a BKF file

Additionally every time a dfifferent backup set is started (even within the same job) it starts a new BKF (In this instance to explain the term 'backup set' anything on C: would be one set, anything on D: would be another, System State would be anotherm, unfortaunately the term 'backup set' means different things depending on the exact context)

So if you have a 20GB BKF max file size and in one job

C: backup uses 15GB

D; backup uses 32GB

System State uses 8GB

Total = 55GB so you would expect 3 BKF files it wll actually use 4

C: = 15GB bkf

D: = 20GB + 12GB bkf

System State = 8GB bkf

BTW if yuou have pre-allocate max size set - then BE 2012 recovers the unused space when jobs end so you won't end up with 4 x 20GB files in the scenario above.

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Maybe the BKF file you are talking about is invalid due to corruption or maybe I'm not getting you in the right way. You said you want to create 100 GB of single BKF file, but your backup exec is creating multiple B2D files. The data you are trying to back up is around 109 GB. It means there should be two files created, one of 100 GB and another one is of 9 GB. But the backup exec is creating multiple or more than 2 files. You must make sure that the backup exec you are using is updated and working. The main problem seems to be the backup exec you are using to back up your data. Well I'm not sure in this. Or may be the BKF file is corrupted. In such situation, i.e. corruption you need somethng reliable to repair the corrupt BKF file. You can search some third-party BKF recovery software on Google. Get any one of them.
I can recommend you to use sysinfotools backup exec bkf repair software. You may check its free demo version before buying the full vesion. I have read about this software on several sites. The reviews are also very fair.
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