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Backup Job failed : User cancelled a physical volume

Created: 25 Sep 2013 | 18 comments


Our backup job was cancelled and the error message " User cancelled a physical volume".

We thought that the tape getting full and needs more space. So we removed some backup directories to increase space for the tape.

The next day job completed successfully. But after that succesfull completion, the next day job failed.

The Backup job failed even after reducing the size.

Please see the attachment

Many Thanks


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In the job properties go to priority and availability and check if automatic cancellation is enabled if the job does not complete in certain hours. If yes please disable that option and try again.


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Is this  job writting to the same tape?? or is it writting to a different tape "the two jobs being shown in the screen shot"

Additionally please verify any alerts that may have been generated like "Please insert overwritable media "

I hope this posting was helpful


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What about tools and Alert categories. Is any request is set for automic cancellation?


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Hello, do you see any errors in Windows System Event logs during the time the backup job ran?

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Could you post screenshots of the Tape capacity and the job log showing the failure/cancellation.

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Please check the file attachment for logs and tape details

I dont know why the job gets failed even after removing some backup files to increase space. 

Please help me with this, still confused

backup - config.JPG backup - job monitor.JPG
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In Alerts tab --> Alert history, could you check if there are any Media Alerts "Please insert overwritable media."

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Looks like your job is exceeding the tape capacity and wanting another tape to span. Go to tools alert catogeries and try to lookup the "Media Insert" and "Media Overwrite" alerts. See if they have been set to autorespond with cancel. If yes change this. This is what might be causing the job to fail.

Here are a couple of technotes that will help

As for the job, you need to insert an overwritable media for it to finish.

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Jaydeep S: How is it possible. Because the same tape backed up more size of files than the cancelled one. 

The job success at 1,40,000.. and fails for 1,38,000...

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Check what is the compression that you got on tapes used for successful job and compare it with failed jobs. If that is the same, look for read/write errors on the tape.

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Jaydeep S : Can you suggest us to get new tapes.

We can buy some new tapes with more space. But will that new tape be compatible with our current ULTIUM 4 series


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Unless you change your tape drive to LTO5 or LTO6, you cannot get tapes with higher capacity.

I assume you are using LTO4 tapes with your LTO4 tape drive.  If you are using LTO3 tapes, then you can get LTO4 tapes which will give you a higher capacity.

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Addidng to what phk said, you could try to perform a erase on one of the overwritable tape media and try backing up to it. Also, disable auto response on the alerts above and insert the second tape if required. That is how, you will know how much more space you need for the job to complete.

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We are using LTO 4 tapes for backup. 

I wonder , if you have any idea about the pricing for new LTO 5 tape drive and tapes