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Backup Job failing (SQL)

Created: 26 Nov 2013 • Updated: 02 Dec 2013 | 5 comments
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I am having issue with a backup job, which keeps on failing. First of all, I am using BE2012 with SP2 installed. BE2012 is running on a Windows 2003 Server with SP3. The server whos job is failing is a Virtual Machine on a VmWare 4.1 Environment.

Server itself is a SQL server. I have setup a Full backup on fridays, and then incremental\differential from Mon-Thu

I initially had Incremental setup for Mon-Thu, but it kept failing saying that the log database is not supported and set the recovery mode to Full etc. I checked on my SQL and figured that the recovery mode was set to Simple. I read throuh alot of technotes and forums, and figured that to keep on taking backups in Simple mode, i had to use Differential backups.

So i did a new Full backup (which completed successfully) and then set it up with Differential from Mon-Thu. Now Monday Diffrential failed again saying that last full backup of database was not made by this application. I will post both the Incremental error and Differential error i received.

Solution it provides is something which does not work for me. It says that i need to change the SQL job settings to something else. I am confused.

Another thing i figured was that it recommends we setup 2 different incremential jobs, one for log and one for Differential. Why is that?

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You kind of have two problems in one

1) Incremental or log backups of SQL will only work if SQL is in the correct logging mode - please check with your SQL admins about which logging mode they would prefer and then change either the SQL config or the backup strategy to accomodate the preferred logging method.

2) Backup Exec insists on an uninterupted sequence between traditional agent based full backups and traditional agent based log (or differential) backups with no 3rd party backups in between. What this means is that you cannot run a VMware agent back to protect the whole VM and then run a log (or differential) backup of SQL without running a full backup immediately after the VMware agent backup. You also cannot have your SQL Admin arrange his own backups between the Backup Exec full backup and the log (or differential) backups. To sort this out you have to look at the exact sequence of anything touching the SQL server that might be seen by SQL as a backup operation and then make adjustments

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You have any article for Only SQL Backup in BE2012. I need to read and learn more about SQL backups. Are you also trying to say that my backup setup is wrong? I would realy appritiate a video, or an article explaining every aspect of SQL backups. Thanks in advance.

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Hi. Thanks for the provided links. Thing is that if you see step 3 in the last link you provided, this wont work for me as i am using BE2012. I have solved this issue by deleting the Icremental Jobs, and just continuing with a Full Backup job running once a week. But i have around 4 SQL servers which i need to setup jobs for now. So i still need to find the solution.

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Reading the Admin guide helped me out, so lets put it to practice