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Backup job Hung

Created: 28 Apr 2013 | 3 comments


I'm encountering a backup hung always on a certain client. Backup Policy selection list is - All Local Drives.

I would like to troubleshoot where the backup hung on a certain files or directories. I tried to exlcude a files i suspect, and also this is the file i see on activity monitor. but i'm wrong because when i try to backup that certain driectory only, the backup was successfully conmpleted.

My question is how does netbackup select which files / directories to backup first? does it do an alphabetical order?

How do i know that netbackup hung on this particular directories so i can exclude it?

thank you.

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please let us know about your netbackup and OS version of master media and client.

Bpbkar log will tell you where acatully it got stuck..

job hang can also happen due to read timeout valuts..

so to isolate the issue..

first.. enable the multistream for the job and see which stream(File system) is failing.

if no file system got failed when multistream enabled this might be because of the read time out valus, try to increate the client read timeout valuts in Media server and try the backup again without Multistream

if one or more file systems got failed , then enable the bpbkar log in Client with Verbose 5 and look into the logs to find the files..

bpbkar logs will help you to find .

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Use this procedure to debug hung backup on clients:

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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I'll try all those prcoedure.

Thank you very much for the information.