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Backup job stucks on loading media\device paused status

Created: 25 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
We are trying to run the multiple backups to tape library with single drive and then duplicate to Dedup folder. Using BE2012 sp1 and all updates are installed. Backup to tape has no issues but when duplicate to dedup runs the backup job will stuck on loading media and it says device paused. Currently we have multiple backup jobs starts at same time and duplicate jobs are also scheduled to fire on same time. Can anyone suggest what could be the reason of backup job goes into device paused status i mean we have set concurrent jobs on Dedup folder.
Thank you
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When you duplicate a backup set that is on tape, the tape drive got to be free to load the tape with the backup set.  Your tape drive is probably in use by other jobs and thus your duplicate jobs has to wait for the tape drive to be free.

You should do it the other way round; backup to your dedup folder and then duplicate to tape.

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Helo Pkh,

My client is saying that he wants to backup to tape first and then duplicate to tape so are you saying this is  not supported step. I agree the backup job needs to wait till the first job completes but in my case the job is stucking at loading media/device paused and they never complete. 

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I am not saying that backing up to tape first is not supported, but it is not the most efficient way to doing things, like your situation.

You can try pausing and unpausing the job, if this is possible.  Otherwise, you would probably have to open a support case for Symantec to take a look at the problem.