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Backup Job Window

Created: 28 Feb 2013 | 9 comments


Need expert advice on scheduling backup jobs. We have a server with 3 drives (1 TB each). The data on each drive is of Index files.

We have a 6 hour window till these drives can be kept in read only mode. All these drives have to be backed up together for consistent data so i cannot distribute them over different days.

I tried a backup to disk job for all these drives together in a single job and it took 10 hours to complete the backup job.

We have backup exec 2010 and a LTO5 tape library with 6 drives.

What If i backup individual drives in 3 different jobs to tape at the same time,will that help? If that possible ?

Any advice would be helpful because iam new to Backup exec.

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I doubt splitting your job will make a difference to the time taken to do the backup.  This is because each drive is backed up sequentially to tape.  You got to look at other ways to shorten your backup time.  You might want to tune your tape drive.  See my article below

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...does you library have 6 tape drives in it? If so, then chances are good that splitting your jobs up will shorten backups...

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Yes our Tape libary has 6 drives in it. So can backup exec backup each drive in a different job concurrently?

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Nopes, this feature is called multistreaming & is offered currently by Netbackup only & not by Backup Exec. (Multistreaming sends data from a single client to multiple tape drives. )

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Hi VJware,

Thanks for the information. Just to confirm that each backup job will backup 3 different luns on the same server to 3 different tape drives and not 3 jobs on a single lun. Does this mean multistreaming?

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Yes, it does.

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You can run concurrent jobs if your media allows it.  For example, if you are backing up to disk, you can run a couple of backups to the same B2D folder or to different B2D folders.

However, only 1 job can write to a tape drive at one time.  So if you have 1 tape drive, you can only do one tape backup job at one time.  If you have 2 tape drives, you can do 2 tape backup jobs at the same time.

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...let's simplify this:

1. You have 3 x 1TB drives

2. You have 6 tape drives

What stops you from splitting your backups of these 3 HDDs into 6 jobs of 500GB each? You won't have an issue with this as you'd be hitting all 6 drives at the same time with targetted MIGHT have a throughput issue from the drives though...

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