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Backup jobs failing with EC 2001

Created: 19 Jan 2013 | 12 comments


The backups jobs for one of the servers is getting failed with EC 2001 -- Client itself acts as a Media Server

Tape drives and robot reconfigured with default settings.

Master Server --  NetBackup-Solaris10 7.0.1

Media Server ---  NetBackup-RedHat2.6 7.0.1

tpautoconf -t
TPAC60 IBM     ULTRIUM-TD4     B5JF 1310271704 -1 -1 -1 -1 /dev/nst1 - -
TPAC60 IBM     ULTRIUM-TD4     B5JF 1310271510 -1 -1 -1 -1 /dev/nst0 - -

tpconfig -d
Id  DriveName           Type   Residence
      Drive Path                                                       Status
0   A00_LI001_LS24_D0... hcart2 ACS(6)  ACS=0, LSM=24, PANEL=1, DRIVE=5
      /dev/nst1                                                        UP
1   A00_LI001_LS25_D0... hcart2 ACS(6)  ACS=0, LSM=25, PANEL=1, DRIVE=5
      /dev/nst0                                                        UP

Currently defined robotics are:
  ACS(6)     ACSLS server = <ACSLS Server>

EMM Server = <Master Server>

Storage Unit Settings

Density:              hcart2 - 1/2 Inch Cartridge 2
Robot Type/Number:    ACS / 6

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RamNagalla's picture


what is the output of vmoprcmd -d -h <Mediaserver> 

and how many jobs are active for this storage unit?

How many Max drives has been selected in Storage unit?

could you show us the detail status of failed job?

and also nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose

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Detailed Job Status
Jan 19, 2013 6:22:41 AM - requesting resource Media_lto
Jan 19, 2013 6:22:41 AM - requesting resource
Jan 19, 2013 6:22:41 AM - requesting resource master.fqdn.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.Media_test
Jan 19, 2013 6:22:41 AM - Error nbjm (pid=552) NBU status: 2001, EMM status: No drives are available
No drives are available for this job (2001)


output of vmoprcmd -d -h
user@Master: vmoprcmd -d -h



Drv Type Control User Label RecMID ExtMID Ready Wr.Enbl. ReqId
0 hcart2 ACS - No - 0
1 hcart2 ACS - No - 0


Drv DriveName Shared Assigned Comment
0 A00_LI001_LS24_D05_L Yes -
1 A00_LI001_LS25_D05_L Yes -

user@Master:nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose

-----------------o/p truncated -------------------

ClusterName = ""
MachineName = ""
FQName = ""
LocalDriveSeed = ""
MachineDescription = ""
MachineFlags = 0x75
MachineNbuType = media (1)
MachineState = active for tape and disk jobs (14)
MasterServerName = "master.fqdn"
NetBackupVersion = (701000)
OperatingSystem = linux (16)
ScanAbility = 5

user@Master: bpstulist -label Media_lto -l -U

Label: Media_lto
Storage Unit Type: Media Manager
Host Connection:
Number of Drives: 2
On Demand Only: no
Max MPX/drive: 4
Density: hcart2 - 1/2 Inch Cartridge 2
Robot Type/Number: ACS / 6
Max Fragment Size: 2048 MB



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it looks fine,

check if you see any allocations for media server

nbrbutil -dump | grep <mediaservername>

and also try to reset the Media server and check the backup job

nbrbutil -resetmediaserver <media server Name>

milanda's picture

no reservered allocations found on Media server.

Also after nbrbutil -resetmediaserver <media server Name> still backups getting failed.



RamNagalla's picture

do you see the Drive status as RESTART ?

vmoprcmd  | grep -i restart

also check from GUI--->Device moniter , and check you are seeing RESTART in the Drive status.

if that is the case, you may need to bounce the all Media server those are shared for this Drives.

and need to make sure that you remove the RESTART status, before you attempt another backup.

milanda's picture

Was getting RESTART status but that was cleared after the reconfiguration of tape devices on all the shared media servers. The backup on other media servers are running fine..but are getting failed for this server....



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so did you check the Drive status of this specific media server?

are you sure they are not in RESTART state?

milanda's picture

Yes ... they are no more in RESTART status...



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before going in detail, its worth restarting the Netbackup on master and media servers.

Please do that once and try it again... 

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done -- Still backups getting failed...



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keep the debug and diagnostic level for nbjm to 6 and
start the job again and let it fail and then collect the logs of nbjm

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/vxlogview –p 51216 –o 117 -t 01:00:00

and attach the logs to post.