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Backup jobs not superseding and loss of catalogs (BE2012)

Created: 21 Oct 2013 | 8 comments


Some help really appreciated here.

We have switched to using backup exec 2012 now for about three months.

I have multiple jobs setup all based on the same template. They are scheduled in as daily which alternates between two tapes as a differential which is superseded by the weekly, which is superseded by the monthly, then the annual.
This works fine 9 servers which work exactly as expected however there is one server that states the job is complete, however I have only just noticed that the weekly, monthly and annuals never supersede the dailies, hence I never get a full backup, glad I noticed this relatively early! The times are all identical and the backup calendar states that the daily will be superseded on the Friday by the weekly however it just doesn't. The previous backups show a daily differential on Friday even though future occurrences show that the weekly will supersede it.

Also, I have noticed in all my other jobs that the catalogues are going missing even though the tapes have not been overwritten and there are no settings to purge catalog data in BE2012 options (i.e. the setting is set to never purge).

Any help much appreciated, this is worrying.

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It is better if you open a case and work with support.

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Are ur Daily, Weekly & Monthly backups set to same time??

I would suggest to try deleting & reconfiguring the backup for that particular server.


Avkash K

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Thanks for the responses, I have opened a case but no response yet....

The backups are set to the same time. I could try recreating them however I would sooner know what went wrong in the first place, in addition to the time it will take to test....

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as per the below article, backup job is not superseded if Daily and Monthly jobs are configured to run on the same time when "Day of Month" is set to "Last day or First Day of the Month" option for the Monthly Job.

I am not sure, how much it will help you. but i would suggest atleast go through the same.


Avkash K

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Thanks but Im not sure how relavent this is as all jobs are configured the same but just the one servers jobs arent superseded.

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Yes, then i would suggest try deleting & recreating the job for that server.


Avkash K

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Also, make sure all of your live updates installed and pushed out/installed on your remote servers.

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OK all, thanks for the replies.

Well, my first experience with Symantec support was an hour of my life wasted.

After taking 45 minutes to explain the issue in 5 different ways the eventual solution was to move the daily differential for that particular server to 5 minutes later so the weekly would run and the daily after it, not only a nasty workaround but would have extended my backup window. Sheesh, genius....

I have therefore recreated the job and will see what happens over the weekend after applyiong the latest hotfix (was already running SP2).

I still have the issue of disappearing catalogues, anyone any ideas please?