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Backup Jobs Report

Created: 27 May 2014 | 6 comments

I am looking for a report that lists all of my backup jobs and the details for the job (selections, schedule, storage, retention, etc.) but I don't see one.  Am I not seeing it?

I am looking to generate some paper documentation of our backup jobs.



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have you tried creating a custom report see:

you can also check out the following link to see if this will give you the information you want.    

hope this helps

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I looked at custom reports but the fields I am interested in are not available (even with "Show Advanced Fields" checked).

The CatTools utility, as I understand it, only reports on jobs that are completed.

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Unfortunately, there is no such report.  You would have to compile the information that you want manually.

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Thanks, I was afraid that was the answer.

So I have to ask, what are others doing to document their backup plan?

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We go by what we see on the console. If you want take a lot of screenshots of the console. This is probably the easiest way to document your jobs

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Certainly I can and do look at the console but a specific part of my job is to document and BE does not make this easy.

My "request" seems like it should be a basic report function that already exists in what is supposed to be a top of the line solution.