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Backup of large disks with BackupExec

Created: 08 Nov 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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I have upgraded to Backup Exec 2012 and want to backup a file server. Disk to disk.
The amount of data I need to have backed up will vary between 8 og18 TB.
My backup server has 24TB capacity. As I understand it is recommended to use the full backup and incremental in a cycle.
Because of the amount of data, I would never get the opportunity to have two simultaneous full backups on the backup server. To delete a full backup to make room for a new full backup means that the data will be unsecured the time it takes to make a new full backup. Not a good solution.
What is the best practice?
My goal is daily backup of the file server and keep the data three months after the original files have been deleted from the file server.
Should I have an other version of BackupExec? Have previously used BE Continuous Protection Server.
Suggestions received with great thanks

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No need to go backwards to another version of BE.

Why not consider the deduplication option? You're going to cut down a bit on your backups...check the links below for more information:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hello, and thanks for the reply.
I have installed the de-duplication option and testing now.
Currently there are no backup more than 8 GB, so I guess it goes well with just 16 GB ram.
If this works ok, I must extend to 32 GB later.