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Backup lotus domino slowly, the domino server became hang up

Created: 19 Feb 2013 | 13 comments


I faced a problem with SBE 2010 R3.

The problem is SEB 2010 R3 can backup mail files lotus domino but the domino server became hang up.

If we canceled the backup proses, the domino server running well.

This condition is start about 1 weeks ago, before then backup domino still running well.

This is the lastest status when backup still normally.

This is the lastest status when backup problem. I canceled the job backup because the domino server hang up.

The job rate backup decrease from 2,67 Gb/min to 373 Mb/min.

I already tried to :

                                1. Start/Stop backup agent

                                2. Reinstall backup exec agent

                                3. Restart the domino server

but still not working,  backup still slowly and our domino server hang up.             

Our environment are :

1. Lotus Domino Server (Virtual Machine):
- O/S : Windows Server 2003
- Lotus Domino Server versi 7.0
- Disk : RAID 1.0
- Agent lotus domino + AOFO
- VMware Infrastructure

2. Backup Server (Physical) :
- O/S : Windows Server 2003
- SBE 2010 R3
- IBM TS2900

Please share any information how to solved this problems.

Thank you, ^_^

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pkh's picture

Make sure you are not doing any Domino housekeeping jobs, like fixup and compact, when the backup job is running.

It could also be that some .nsf files are corrupt.  Fix and compact all your .nsf files before trying your backup again.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear PKH,

Thanks for quick respon. actually we don't do housekeeping jobs. Just normal operation.


pkh's picture

Then it could be 1 or more corrupt .nsf files.  Fix and compact your .nsf files.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear Pkh,

We've already check the .nsf file, there's not any files was corrupt.

Is there any issue for this..??


pkh's picture

Have you updated to the latest hotfixes and then push out the remote agent again to the Domino server?

neo_edp10's picture

Dear Pkh,

Actually I not yet update the hotfixes. This is the lastes version of our symantec.

Is this version need install the hotfixes..?? if need could you tell me where i can download the hotfixes..??


pkh's picture

To get the latest hotfixes, just run LiveUpdate a couple of times until it says that there is no more updates.  After that, push out the remote agent again to your Domino server.  After that, reboot your Domino server.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear Pkh,

I already tring to update SBE but the SBE trying to get an update from our AV Server (Symantec AV).

Not download to online live update.

Actually in our AV server has LUA (live update administrator). Is this the causes why our SBE server can't get online update..????

If yes.. How do I change the update source..?? I also forgot LUA login... how to fix it..???


VJware's picture

What's the version of LUA ? (I'll PM you a method to reset the password)

You can then remove Backup Exec from the list of products for LUA, else you can download & install the updates manually.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear VJware,

Thanks for your quick respon. This is our LUA version.

Thank you.

neo_edp10's picture

Dear Vjware,

Once again thanks for your supporting.

After I checked in LUA there's no Backup Exec included in update product list.

I only download the update for SEP v.11 product.

Could you give me link  where I can download hotfixes..???

I'm sorry many question about this.


neo_edp10's picture

Dear Vjware,

I already update SP and hotfixes, Reinstall the agent, restart the server.

But still not working. Backup still slowly.

Is there any configuration or setting must i do...???


Thank you,