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Backup media quesion

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 31 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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We run a full LAN backup job each night. The tape device pool for this job consists of 6 tape drives, with each nightly job comprising 3 tapes. I've noticed that if I do not pull the tapes on a given night, the following night's job may overwrite one of the previous night's tapes even though there are 3 other tapes available. Is there a way to keep this from occuring and for the job to utilize tapes that were not written to the previous night?

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You will have to change the media set configuration accordingly! It seems media set is configured with very less Overwrite Protection Period. Increase it to 2 days minimum to protect them from immediate days backup.

3 other tapes available.

Belongs to target media set or SCRATCH set?

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In order to protect the tapes from the previous nights backup you need to set an appropriate overwrite and protection period.. see doc below..


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Note that when you use a device pool, BE does not use the devices in the pool in a round-robin fashion.  It uses the first available device.

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Thanks for the help. The overwrite protection period for the media set was set to one week, however the default setting under Media Management was set to None.

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When you set the overwrite protection level to None, any OPP setting will have no effect.  You got to set the OPL to either Partial or Full for overwrite protection to work.