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Backup Media Server BE 2012

Created: 14 Jul 2013 • Updated: 26 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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Regarding distarer recovery preparation of the media server itself can please someone provide a link ?

BE 2012 Installed,making a SDR backup of the media server that is stored on a dedup location and making a copy of the backup on tape.If the server is lost what is the procedure of restoring the media server itself ? Do i need the SDR information files offsite as well wehn recovering from the dedup or do i need them only for tape backups ???

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SDR of the media server is not supported if your target device is a Deduplication Strorage Folder, you need to do backup to standard disk storage or tape to do an SDR backup against the media server itself.

Note the reason it can't be supported is we cannot run the deduplication services or the database that manages the chunks of deduplicated data from a WinPE boot environment.

You should be able to do a SDR restore from your duplicate on tape as long as the duplicate job states that a .DR file was updated and as long as you can access the latest .DR file from the SDR environment (either on USB pen drive or on a network share) - so yes you do need copies of the .DR file(s) as well as your tapes.

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Thanks for the reply,i do have another questions.It might be silly but if i reinstall the media server and instal backup exec 2012 (same version) and i can access my dedup storage is there a catalog option for the dedup storage .......................... or the DR of the media server involves only booting up with SDR disk,and having a copy of the DR files,and resotring from Tape in my case?

If i dont have the DR files cant i install an exact same verion of BE and catalog the tapes,would that give me access to the backups?

and the final question,when specifying alternl location for the DR files,the location is updated every time i run a SDR backup of the media server?

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1) you can catalog your dedup folder

2) yes. you can install BE and then catalog the tapes.

3) the alternate path for the .dr files will be updated when the primary path is updated.