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Backup missed to start as per schedule

Created: 18 Jul 2013 | 12 comments

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Hello friends,
I have a similar problem, I explain:

+ I have a scheduled task to run only on Mondays at 11.00am to support the tape1 and on the same task at 11:15 am to support the cinta2.
+ The figure problem occasionally only supports the tape1 and not the cinta2. A who is this???

time between tasks is correct??

His ready comments. i use BE 2012.

Thank you.

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What is this cinta2 that you are referring to?

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Hello Javier,
   Could you confirm that the tape is present for the first job. Also have you checked if there are any Active Alerts which needs response from user.


Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Verify that there are no issues with the 2nd tape drive perhaps falling offline. Is there an error code being thrown if so please post the final error code in its entirety

It may be easier for us to better understand the issue if you post a few screen shots of the issue 

-job setup "Showing tasks"

-storage tab during backup


I hope this posting was helpful


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Thanks for your support,
the trouble is that there is no present any kind of warning or error in the console, just do not run without a trace.
As I can come to this strange event!
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Hi JavierTl   

In Windows Events are there any errors that occur during the time the backup job to cinta 2 fails?

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shows no mistake, I just checked what it is that is not supported because the remote computer was SO Ubuntu desktop, but I still have the doubt.

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Hello javier there few versions of ubuntu which are suuported as per backup exec 2012 scl version
Backup exec 2010
Are supported...please check the software compatiblity list for more details...
If it is supported verion of linux than please make sure to LEO license installed if you have a robotic library with two drives and than check with back ups...
Another thing are you able to run other jobs to cinta 2....what happens when you run an inventory on it....are you able to use that tape drive (cinta 2)for other jobs once scheduled jobs are done on tape 1 and cinta 2
What is the error in job log for failed job as stated above that you see errors in eventviewer when job fails

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Cinta 2 is a tape drive? how can you configure 1 task to run to the tape 1 at 11 pm and same task at 11 15 to cinta 2?

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I meant wht happens if u run job to cinta 2 when u have no scheduled jobs running on either tape 1 or cinta 2

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Good start to clarify that the task is not never leave trail run Windows Server or BE or simply not run.
Responding to queries, there is a property on tasks that allow me to save the data into several storage either tape or disk.
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Have you created 2 stages both full with different devices  (tape1 and cinta) and different schedule (11pm and 11 15 pm) in a single backup definition?

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