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Backup Mode interrupts tasks

Created: 18 May 2011 • Updated: 18 May 2011 | 6 comments
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This is probably obvious to other users, but we are just discovering this now.  We assumed that EV tasks might automatically resume when vault stores are taken out of backup mode but this does not appear to be the case, and we lose a lot of hours of potential archiving activity as a result.

Off the top of my head I can think of two ways to deal with this.

One is to insert a 15-minute break in the schedule at some point that is expected to be AFTER the backups are done.  The problem there of course is that backups are a moving target so this would have to be continually monitored.

A more elegant but far more complicated option would be to use the CMDLINE interface to start archiving jobs and integrate this with the backup scripts (I'm assuming this can be done via CMD Line).

Just curious on what strategies others have employed to address this issue and what works best.


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To me it seems odd that you would choose to initiate a backup during an archiving run. At a high level I've always advised that you do your archiving, then when your schedule is ended, perform the backups.



Supportability Analysis Engineer for Enterprise Vault products.


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You cannot start archiving jobs through a command line, you can only start and stop tasks and services.

Typically the way most companies do this is to have several hours of archiving, then the schedule ends, and then the backups kick off, putting EV in to read only mode through commands that the backup utility will execute at the start and end of backups.

Most customers won't - archive for a few hours, backup and then archive some more afterwards, except in the case of journaling or something such as that.

If your schedule is set for a huge amount of time, my advice would be to restart the task controller as that will restart the tasks and if it sees its in schedule, it will then kick off more archiving tasks and then start again, also it clears you from mapi memory leaks

EDIT: Pipped t the post, in essence, what Mark said :)

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Thanks to both of you.

Understood that ideally backups and archiving should be kept seperately but we are also trying to maximize archiving time by having it on from 7PM to 7AM and backups run in the night.

Our group doesn't control the backups, but while they all start around the same time, they finish at wildy different times, so it seems to be that the best approach is to manually add a 15-min break in the schedule for a time we expect to be safely after the backup window for each vault server.


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I would look at the archiving activity and see how many hours are actually needed for the archive process to essentially finish archiving.  If you look at the hourly report you can see how many items are being archived each hour.  The hour that it is essentially finished will show a significant drop in the  number of items archived.  It is rare, or improper design, that would require a 12 hour archive window.  By establishing how many hours are required, you could then set the archive task to stop and set the backups to start after that.  Trying to intermingle the two causes inefficiencies in the processes, not to mention that anyhting archived after the backups are completed wouldn't be backed up until the next night.  This poses a greater data protection risk.

Just my 2 cents...

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We have scroes of TB to archive in a short window to meet certain objectives that have been set.

I would agree with you for an environment that is in more of a "maintenance" operational mode but that's not the case for us.

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you should make sure that your partitions roll over at a decent pace so that you're not backing up one or two huge partitions, that way as the data gets older you can concentrate on the active partitions, backing up the older partitions on a less frequent basis....

Also you may want to consider something such as flash backups which can dramatically increase your backup speeds and make the backup windows smaller etc