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Backup of Nas

Created: 17 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

I have an Nas at a branch office that needs backed up....  What is the best method of doing this?  It's about 11GB worth of data and currently there are no servers at this office.  Both of the offices have 100mb down and 10mb up connections.  I'm guessing that backing it up straight to our main office is not possible.    I am just learning about the duplication function within BE.  With that said, would it be best to deploy a computer at the site with BE on it, back it up locally and then duplicate the information back to the main office?  Please let me know what the best method would be to backup this information and then get that information back to our main office

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To minimise WAN bandwidth requirements, you should use optimised duplication do duplicate your data from the remote sites to the main site.  This would require you to have dedup folders on both ends and CASO.  You backup the data to the dedup folder at the remote location and then duplicate the dedup'ed backup set to the dedup folder at the main site.  This way only the changed data blocks are sent over the WAN link.