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Backup offsite

Created: 17 Aug 2012 • Updated: 23 Oct 2012 | 6 comments
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Hello guys
I have a robotic library and need make an off-site backup.
I need to copy my weekly backups to only one tape, remove it from the library and take off it of my datacenter. 
Anybody knows how I can do it?

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What version of BE are your running???

Jeff Foglietta

Practice Lead - Data Protection and High Availability

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I'm sorry, I forgot say it.
I'm running BE2010.
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You need to specify in your policy rule to run the export job after the backup job. The export job will export the tape that was used in the backup to a configured mailslot in your tape library specifically for exporting and importing tapes. You will need to enable the mailslot in your tape library or the export will fail. There is a trade off here.. When you enable the mailslot for export BE  will lose the ability to see and use that slot as it is now to be used strictly for exporting tapes. Configuring a slot as an export slot also gives you the ability to import tapes from that same slot when returning tapes to the library.

Jeff Foglietta

Practice Lead - Data Protection and High Availability

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Consider using policies as well with approx 3 templates....a backup template for backup of data...a duplicate template for duplicating these backup sets to another export template for this this tape..

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Thank Jeff and VJware for help me.
I will follow your advice.
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To get the data on one tape you will need to look at your append settings, duplicate job starts times andmedia set configurations as well. If you weekly backups are one job this will be easy, if however you have separate jobs then this will need more thought into the exact configs