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Backup Oracle Rac

Created: 06 Mar 2013 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi all,

how can I make a backup Oracle Rac without failover ip but with load balancing? Yes, i read documentation... but she has me confused

I have duplicate backup job for backup policy on Activity Monitor.

and so, i have backup scripts at each node, i have policy with two clients (i use vip name for client name), i create altnames for client.

I point sid<1> on backup script for node1 and sid<2> on backup script for node2.


// node1

@set ORACLE_SID=sid1

// node2

@set ORACLE_SID=sid2

I allocate channel on my backup script and send parameters


echo ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch00 TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS="ENV=(NB_ORA_CLIENT=primary-vip)" CONNECT='sys/password@primary-vip'; >> %CMDFILE%
echo ALLOCATE CHANNEL ch01 TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS="ENV=(NB_ORA_CLIENT=standby-vip)" CONNECT='sys/password@standby-vip'; >> %CMDFILE%

How i can make run backup script for one node, but not two nodes simultaneously?

I have SCAN on oracle, but documentation say not use it.


So, i configure backup policy for RAC.

i create two policy.

policy1 - ora_auto
policy2 - ora_bp


Policy Name:       ora_auto
Client/HW/OS/Pri:  primary-vip Windows-x64 Windows2008 0 0 0 0 ?
Include:           C:\test\ora_backup_mf.cmd
Schedule:          full
  Frequency:       7 day(s) (604800 seconds)
Schedule:          Default-Application-Backup
  Frequency:       7 day(s) (604800 seconds)

Policy Name:       ora_bp
Client/HW/OS/Pri:  primary-vip.nb.tst Windows-x64 Windows2008 0 0 0 0 ?
Client/HW/OS/Pri:  standby-vip.nb.tst Windows-x64 Windows2008 0 0 0 0 ?
Schedule:          Default-Application-Backup
  Frequency:       7 day(s) (604800 seconds)

also, modify backup scrip on all node, set NB_ORA_POLICY=ora_bp for all allocate channel



echo send 'NB_ORA_POLICY=ora_bp, NB_ORA_SERV=%NB_ORA_SERV%'; >> %CMDFILE%


For backup run policy ora_auto, and backup done work. But this version I do not like.

Have other ideas how to do this?

And, why cannot use SCAN?  I found this in oracle documentation "Protecting SPARC SuperCluster—Tape Backup with Symantec NetBackup"

"Define the clients. This is the host which will execute the Oracle RMAN script. In this example, aiessc01-stor is
used to execute the Oracle RMAN script. If redundancy is desired, users can set up this entry using the SCAN
, and specify the SCAN address here. Note that other setup is also required in hosts files, bp.conf files, and
specific Oracle Database files to allow the SCAN address to work. Setting up SCAN is beyond the scope of this
document; please refer to Oracle documentation."

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But this version I do not like.

Why? Would you prefer one policy configuration rather than this?

ora_auto policy with SCAN hostname may work. You can manage node failure with SCAN in stead of failover VIP.

If you would like to configure with only one policy, please try:

  • Add scan and node vips as policy clients.
  • Add below line on the top of your backup script.

IF NOT "%NB_ORA_CLIENT%" =="your_scan_name" GOTO :EOF

But I'm not sure this works because I have never tried such configuration. Just idea.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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Hi Sirin ,  

Further customization in script is required so that at a time script will execute on only one node.

Same has been mentioned in guide :

■ The backup script should be customized so that it starts RMAN on exactly one
of the clients. If executed on the primary, then start RMAN and perform the
backup. If executed on the secondary and the primary is up, then exit with
status 0 so that the NetBackup scheduler does not retry this client. If executed
on the secondary and the primary is down, then start RMAN and perform the
backup. The script customization could be built around a tnsping to the primary
or even a query of the database to see if the other instance is open and able to
perform the backup, e.g.
$ select INST_ID,STATUS,STARTUP_TIME, HOST_NAME from gv$instance;
---------- ------------ --------- ---------
1 OPEN 13-JAN-09 vipname1
2 OPEN 13-JAN-09 vipname2
■ The backup script must not be configured to send a single value for
NB_ORA_CLIENT because the NetBackup media server needs to connect back
to the correct host depending on which host originated the user-directed
backup request.

Please check within team how  script can be customized to achieve this functionality.