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Backup Performance question

Created: 01 Sep 2010 | 4 comments


Server is Windows 2008 Server with the latest updates.  I am using a Overland slot device with 1 write drive and LTO3.  The SCSI card is Adaptec SCSI Card 29320LPE - Ultra320 SCSI

We recently migrated back in house and now I have a TON more data to backup.  We are on Backup Exec 2010 with the latest patches.  Its taking me about 64 hours to backup 2 TB of data.  This is about 20 different servers.  This is also counting the Verify process.  Is it normal to take that long?  I cant get my backups done before Monday morning starts.  Ive been round and round with BackupExec.  They told me that its because im on Windows 2008 and they told me to Build a Desktop with Windows XP and put my backup device and BackupExec on that desktop.  I wasnt to thrilled with that and I never did that "solution".  They then told me to upgrade to a Gb switch which we spent 7k on and it did make a difference of about 4 hours.  Am I missing something here or does 2 TB of data over about 20 servers come up to about 64 hours?  I reallize there is a lot of variables with this.

I also suggested ot my manager to get another write drive for our Overland so I can write 2 jobs at once.

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If my math is right, that means you are averaging about 1 GB/min (or 16 MB/sec) for backups.  This is definitly below the max speed of the LTO3 drive.  You could speed things up by adding another tape drive, which should cut your time in half.  Or you could look at some B2D staging to let you run more backups in parallel to disk, then duplicate the B2D to tape at a faster rate later.

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LAN backups are always slower than locally attached. And 2TB of data probably means millions of files. So although your LTO3 drive is capable of backing up data much faster, it's got to get up to speed for a file, and stop, and repeat itself. This "seeking" on the drive can cause slow-down.
You mentioned you bought a 1GB switch. There is a bit of tweaking you can do there...change the port speeds on the switch to the maximum throughput of the connected server's NIC, and do the same on the server. In other words, 1GB FULL if possible. Hard-coding is preferred to autonegotiate.
You can also look at tweaking the settings of your tape drive within BE. You can push the buffers up, and see what performance impact this gives you. Please do test restores to make sure your data is recoverable and accessible before sticking to any changed settings.
For the rest...

1. Getting another drive does make sense, and budget allowed, go for it. It means you can split your backups up. I have done this on the Head Office site of 1 of our client, and it does help.

2. There is a dedupe calculator somewhere on the web. Deduplication will allow for smaller backups, but you need an x64-bit server to do this. This can potentially mean your initial backup is quite big, and subsequent backups are faster and smaller.

3. Look at changing your backup strategy. If you're using Full, look at Incremental/Differential. The downside to these are the number of tapes required for a restore.

4. If you go the B2D route, do not get a USB drive. It would then be better to simply continue backing up to the library instead. USB drives are dog-slow. A cheap NAS (Iomega StorCenter for example) can make use of your current LAN settings, and it runs at 1GB. From there, stream off to tape at leisure.

4. Look at seeing if your library can take LTO4 drives. This MIGHT lead to faster backup times, but if you can trial a drive, it will give you a better idea of things.

Hope this helps?


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Please do following step.

1. I definitely recommend you change switch that is connected on all server and Backup server to GB Switch. it's should help you traffic a lot. I have found this problem before when I use 100 MB Switch.

2. Tape device LTO 3 is fine. don't need to change it for 2 TB data.

3. the most important is Backup Server Performance also. If you CPU is able to calculate fast you can backup faster.  and LAN Card should config to Teaming.

4. If you can propose to your MD, please implement SAN and move all share data to center. It help you a lot.

I do this step. My data is1 TB and backup time is 28 hours, it reduce to 6 hours.

Hope you can fix it.

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Thanks you.