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backup Performence

Created: 11 May 2013 • Updated: 10 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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how to improve backup performance(For example I am running a backup  operation it is taking 10 hours (consider ) then I need it  to finish  it within 5 hours or below mean as early as possible is it possible or not if possible means how Give me an example )

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Humm - this post look the same as  :

In short: I do not know any techniques that will increase the restore compared to the backup speed. Restore is slower than backup - it has always been like this. You can tune NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_RESTORE but I expect the restore will always be slower than the  backup.

You may also find the Symantec NetBackup Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide interesting. It contain many hint to tune a backup system and it's clients.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Wow! You have simply tagged every single topic and option that could be selected??

Performance tuning is not something that can be covered in a single forum post. 

I would say the Performance Tuning Guide is a good start, but now it seems that you are still battling with basics?

NBU training course will be an excellent start, then manuals to broaden your knowledge, combined with hands-on experience.

Best that you stop asking theoretical questions and start reading NBU manuals to get a good understanding about NBU concepts. See 'Handy NBU Links' in my signature.

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You ask an impossible question.

If your backup takes 10 hrs, and is performing well, you will not make it complete in 5.  If on the other hand, the performance is poor, then yes, it might be possible to improve it.

But where will the problem be, it might not be NBU tuning, it could be network or disk read performance on the client.

Very often the biggest issues with performance is the infrastructure,, the design of which does not support fast backups, either due to client performance and/or network.

The advice from Marianne and Nicolai is as always excellent.

My advice is the following;

If/ when installing a backup environment, the design does not begin by installing NBU.  It starts with pen and paper to design the system, and requires an understanding of the network performance / client performance as a backup will only run as fast, as the slowest part.

I know you have not said you are installing a new system, but by understanding the above you will know where to start investigating a backup performance issue.


Regards,  Martin
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Please suggest what type of data you are backing up...., via some Database agent or else...

One thing that i suggest... u can use multi-streaming this will write data simultaneously or backup will complete in less time.


font-family:"Helvetica","sans-serif";color:#333333">Value in NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS also matters for backup speed.

Ankit Maheshwari

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ok  we are taking database backup and we using unix os and above I mention that 10 hours is regular time but I want to degrade the 10 hours to less than 8    hours is possible or not if possible how

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You are still not giving enough info to even attempt an opinion.

To understand if your current throughput can be improved, you need to tell us what the current backup speed is.

To know if throughput can be improved, you need to determine at which speed the client can read data from disk. Testing methods are described in the Performance Tuning Guide.

Next thing is to test network transfer rate between client and server. A 1 Gb network card can only transfer 100 MB/sec at best.

So, please go through the Performance Tuning Guide to get a better understanding of how every component in the backup path must be checked and tested. Nicolai has posted the link to this guide above.

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There is not enough pertinent info to help you.

We need to know HOW MUCH DATA, You've given us the backup window.  You've given us the OS, and that it's a database.



WHAT IS YOUR TARGET i.e. tape or disk?


It's simple math if I want to move 1TB of data over 1GbE links.  Of course there are other factors in play too.  

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."