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backup Physical Servers runing Windows & Linux over FC

Created: 03 Feb 2014 • Updated: 18 Feb 2014 | 7 comments
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what are my options for  backing up physical servers runing windows & Linux over FC (SAN Network)?

im runing BE 2012 SP3 with Windows,Linux and ESO Licenses.

Operating Systems:

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This would only work for Windows-based servers as you can only install a full version of BE onto Windows. Linux backups in this case will still be network-based.

Read below for the requirements of SAN SSO (part of ESO) which is what you'd be using:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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thank you CraigV,

but i cant find SSO Wizard or configuration on Backup exec where is it?

and also cant i use somthing like this(use FCOE - HBAs with IP and backup over HBA IP) , this is my actual EnvironmentLinux  over FCOE.jpg

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I don't think FCOE is supported.  It is not stated in the HCL below

You would have to use your LAN for the backup.

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Hello Mehrdad,

The Shared Storage Option allows Backup Exec media servers to coordinate their usage of a shared drive. In our scenario, it would be neccessary to make each SAN-attached server a Backup Exec media server, with the Shared Storage Option on each server. The tape drive (if using tape) would also need to be attached to the SAN.

When a backup runs, the Backup Exec media server attaches to the tape drive, and backs up its data to the drive. When the backup of that server finishes, the tape drive is dismounted, and becomes available for the next Backup Exec media server to use.

This method has the advantage that the requirements for transportable snapshots are not required. However, the number of Backup Exec licenses may present a significant cost.

Please refer to following link for more details:



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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thank you guys , this picture is my Actual Environment , i got  IBM Storwize v3700 (Certified Pure Disk Appliance) and HP MSL 4048

also i got Agent for linux , Windows , ESO & Deduplication

how can i use pure disk feature of my Storwize Storage System? what it can do for me? can i share this storage using central admin Server (CAS) then other BE servers send backup to this device over FC?

can i use FCOE protocol(assign IP to HBAs) for my linux servers to send backup over my SAN network?


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thanks , but i found this article that explain how to use FCOE for backups , its old and i dont know i can use it with Backup Exec 2012 for backing up linux and windows servers or not.

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Even if FCoE is an option here, the Linux servers can't be media servers. The BE 2012 SCL only states that Windows servers are supported. This has been the same for all versions of BE. As such, SAN SSO won't work. The Windows servers would need full installations of BE installed. The main media server would need ESO licensed and the SAN SSO option checked at installation. If this isn't you can run the license installation again, or remove the license before adding it.

The Linux servers would need to have the RALUS agent installed and network-based backups done of them.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: