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Backup Plan

Created: 30 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

I currently have BackupExec 2010 R3 

Internet speed is 5mb/s up at the best.

My Hardware layout is

1)ESXI Server running 2 virtuals a)Domain Controller b)Terminal Server

2)Server 2003 (Fileserver) (400GB of space used)

3) 2 x Buffalo Nas Devices

My Goal is to have 1 NAS onsite and 1 NAS at a branch location for offsite backups (connected through VPN)

How would you suggest that I setup the backups?

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I would suggest that you backup to your onsite NAS and then duplicate the backup set to the offisite NAS.  Keep you offisite NAS onsite and test out all your jobs and procedures before bringing it offsite.

With your low bandwidth, I suspect that you would probably not be able to do your duplicate to your offsite.  BE is pretty sensitive about line quality.

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What is the minimum BE recommended requerments for bandwith on the wan?

The way I have it right now Server Side De-Dupe to the NAS (symlink /d making it appear like a windows directory on the server)

But the De-Dupe is taking a really long time 137.00 MB/min

Is this since I am running it for the first time?