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Backup policy guideline

Created: 11 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Good day Fellows

i was just emloyed to another company where they have not been running any backup and no backup policy,i was requested to develop the backup policy but i did not know where to startTthe idea was to copy the backup policy of my previous employer but i could not do that because i did not know how their backup policy was developed based on,i go check to another orgnazations and find out their backup policy are the same with my previous employer.i eventually dicided to start my own but the question was,how??what should i look at??i have attached the document i first develop before backup policy just to share.

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This is how you start:

1. What do they want to backup?

2. How do they want to back this up? Full/Incremental/Differential backups?

3. Where do they want to back it up too? Disk; tape; disk-to-disk; disk-to-disk-to-tape

4. How long do they want their data to be kept for? Daily, weekly, monthly retention periods. Are they governed by any laws or policies that would require say yearly backups to be kept?

Start by working that out...then post back here.


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Also what kind of time window do they have available to perform the backups? and what kind of Disaster Recovery plan needs are there that needs to be incorportated with your backup strategy.

Take a look at the Backup Exec Admin guide for tips