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Backup priority

Created: 02 Jan 2013 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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My scenario;

Server windows 2008 r2, Backup Exec 2012

I've created 4 backup schedule for each groups/servers.

1. Full yearly (not appendable) - last day of every year (31st December)

2. Full Monthly (retention 11 months) - last day of every month

3. Full Weekly (retention 2 weeks) - sunday

4. Differential Daily (retention 7 days) - monday to saturday

My problem;

however, I did not find any option as previous version where we can set the priority which job will override the lowest priority.

ie ; yearly job will fall on 31st december 2012 and day is monday which daily differential job will run too. How do I override the daily job since the full yearly is the priority.

Thanks in advance.

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Superceeding jobs in BE 2012 is done automatically.  If your jobs start at EXACTLY the same time, then the job with the less frequency will superceed the one with the greater frequency.

Redha.Hamzah's picture

Ok. Is there any work around to make the lowest priority skip since the backup job seems running for about a day or two and it'll effect the next schedule job.

or else, I need to cancel the job if it still pending for 23hours from the actual scheduled time.Thanks

pkh's picture

No. There is no way to automatically skip the less frequent if the other job is still running.