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Backup problem with Legato Networker (FSA)

Created: 09 May 2006 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 4 comments

we are using Enterprise Vault 5.0 SP5 for File System Archiving. Legato Networker is the backup software for the file servers. After a full backup run the archive bit of all non-archived files has been removed, but the archive bit of all placeholder files is still set. Because of this the placeholders are saved every day in the incremental backup.
There is another issue: When Legato backs up placeholder files, the speed is very, very low.
We have excluded the winworkr.exe, the save.exe and the recover.exe in the registry key of the Placeholder Service and also the Rtvscan.exe of Symantec AntiVirus. We have also disabled the File-System Auto-protect for files during backup in the Symantec AntiVirus settings.
Could anybody help?

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I would think that the two items may be related. Placeholders are offline files and it would appear that Legato is having problems backing them up. A full archive should reset the archive bit and the fact that it doesnt may play into the slow backups.

You may want to check with Legato to see how they handle offline files.

BTW, as a possible workaround, you could run a batch script on the end of your Full backup to run and Attrib -a /s command on the Store folders. That should reset the archive bits of any that didnt get reset during the backup.

But I would investigate the reason those bits are flipped during the archive.

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When the placeholders files were backup, did the icon change back to normal?
just to ensure networker honour the offline bit...

one thing to take note is that, if you backing up lot lot of small files especially in file server, the backup will be slow




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We have discovered some more things:
Legato Networker saves only the Placeholders, when you restore the files to another location you are not able to open these files.
We have tested to disable the Symantec AntiVirus services and to make a backup. During these test we have seen, that Legato removes the archive bit, but one minute later the archive bit is set back. Which application could do this? The Placeholder service????

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Only the placeholders should be backed up else you would trigger a mass recall of all your data.

The placeholders won't work on another fileserver unless you have configured it for FSA correctly - as there won't be a filter driver there to intercept a request for the file and pass the request to the EV Server.

The placeholder would not reset the attribute to read only