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Backup schedule in Backup Exec 2012

Created: 21 Sep 2012 | 4 comments
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In BE2010, we create 2 different jobs for daily & monthly backup.
In the daily job, i select to backup daily and make exception for last day of the month.
In the monthly job, i select to backup only on the last day of the month.

It seem that it is unable to create job via this way in BE2012 as after i select the exclude date on the last day of the month.
It is not able to create any more new job on the last day of the month anymore.

We have 2 sets of tapes for daily & month end. The daily tapes have barcode label and the month end tape do not have any. Thus i partition the slots into 2 partitions.

May I know is there a better way to archive this? Thank you.

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You can achieve this by creating one backup job with two stages (daily and monthly)

  • Configure the Daily Full with schedule --> Days = Every 1 day
  • Configure the Monthly Full with schedule --> Months = Every Last Day of every 1 month

If two stages in a single backup definition are set to start at the same time and day (in your situation a Daily Full and a Monthly Full) then Backup Exec looks at the schedule and runs the job that would normally run less frequently (i.e. Monthly Full runs once a month), Daily Full runs one everyday.

So, in case of confilt Monthly Full will run on the last day of the Month (as it has less frequent schedule) and the Daily Full is then requeued for its next scheduled time.

Your configuration can look something similar to the following example:

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 The daily tapes have barcode label and the month end tape do not have any.

You should put barcode labels on all your tapes.  Barcode labels are makes operating the library easier.  See my article below

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I'll try it out.

Many thanks for the advices.

Thank you & Best Regards.

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I have the same issue,  

and yes adding the monthly schedule will give me a full monthly run of the same daily job as you suggested.   but how do you manage the tapes?

they all go to the same partition in the tape library and use the same media set !!!

so my monthly tapes have the same retention/protection as my daily tapes.

Surely this cant be correct?