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Backup Schedule Changes - Apparent Policy Dissemination Inconsistencies

Created: 27 Mar 2010

I have a few questions about how backup schedules make their way from an applied policy at the Altiris console to the end client...
For example, I recently changed the backup schedule on a policy that is applied to seven servers.  The change was from 1:00am to 9:00pm.  If I go to one of these servers, start up BESR 2010 and open the Status screen it shows me the backup schedule which is still indicating that the next scheduled backup will run at 1:00am.  On this same server I can go to the Altirs\Altiris Agent\Client Policies folder and find the .xml file that appears to be the mechanism by which policy is transferred from the management server to the client.  This .XML file however is showing the new backup time, 9:00pm.  If I hit refresh at the client BESR status screen it continues to insist that the next scheduled backup is 1:00am.  Yet, I can go to another of these same seven servers, fire up BESR 2010, and the status screen does in fact show me the latest policy scheduling change.
So, is this .XML file on the client in fact where BESR is getting its policy information/changes?
Does clicking View/Refresh in fact force BESR 2010 to reread the local Altiris .XML file noted above?
Does clicking Check for Tasks on the local Altiris agent in fact refresh this .XML file?
A couple other oddities I’m wondering if anyone has run into –
 I’ve noticed that if I look at the BESR status screen on the server clients it shows me the projected backup schedule into the future on the graphical schedule.  If I do the same thing on the desktop clients, it only shows me past history on the graphical schedule – nothing in the future.  Has this been other people’s experience?
All my desktop clients have the version of BESR 2010 ( as originally pushed out by the Altiris console.  Among three of these clients, I find that if I do a live update at the client, one of them updates to version while the other two do not update (these are all XP/32 platforms).  I have not tried any of the others.  Any thoughts?
Thank You