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Backup selection list varies by drive

Created: 12 Jul 2012 • Updated: 12 Jul 2012 | 13 comments
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I would like a single policy to backup Windows files which could be on either the E: or H: drive on a given client.  Is there a way to do this with Netbackup 7.x?





Thanks for your help!

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Use ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES or specify the drives C:\ D:\ E:\

Then on each client setup an exclude list to remove the drives you do not want to include.

so on on the client where you only want the E:\ drive set-up add the following to the exclude list

( exclude list is done via client properties screen within the GUI )






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Which means you are excluding everything. 71 is "none of the files in the file list exist"

Show us your policy Backup Selection and your exclude / include lists.

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Could be, but not necessarily. If multiple data streams is active on the policy then the excluded paths could also result in a 71.

e.g. If client only has C:\ drive, backup selection is C:\Folder and E:\Folder, exclude list is E:\Folder and *if* multiple data streams is selected then the stream covering E:\Folder will fail with a 71.

But I agree, details of policy and exclude list will clarify .....

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Backup Selection: ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES

Exclude List: *

Exception to Exclude List: E:\Folder1, E:\Folder2

Also change the policy to a single stream to prevent multiple jobs of 1 Kb

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Plz create separate policy & help your self to manage your backup easy way.

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Before break-up, make sure you have a good backup.....  ;-)

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I agree, would probably be easier to manger with seperate policies to be honest, especially if there is a lot of different configurations for the clients. But the above solution I gave would work.

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if you specifically want to backup "drive:\Folder" then the best option would be specifying the paths (not necessarily drives) as opposed to ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.

With ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES the only way to get it to back up "drive:\Folder" & nothing else would be to exclude *everything* (that's *local* to the client, any others are superfluous) and have a subsequent include list - another layer of complexity!

If going down the route of C:\Folder & H:\Folder as your backup selection then do not utilise multiple data streams in the policy as you may well end up with EC=71's as the job streams are created prior to any exclude lists being read.

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You should have marked Andy's post as solution. Not your own.

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I was more edging towards:

Backup selction:


Just removes that extra consideration of include list.

But truth be told I was even more edging towards Yogesh's one policy per backup requirement!!!! wink