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Backup Setting for SMTP 5.0

Created: 06 Nov 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
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I need to know, how to backup all the configuration settins for Mail security for SMTP ver 5.0.1, to restore this in case of recovery disaster.
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Open your sms_smtp_administration_guide.pdf and refer to the section: Periodic System Maintenance for back procedures.
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What I need is to backup all the settings but the Spam and Virus Quarantine databases or Logs Data,thats is not important if the system crashes or if i need to make a full recovery  of the SMSSMTP, i need a full backup just of the settings that i cofigurated at the end of the implementation, that´s all I need...!!
I apreciate your suggestions ...!!
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I just did a restore of SMSSMTP 5 yesterday (DB corruption so I uninstalled/reinstalled). Before I did the backup I took screen caps of the various pages and popped them into a Word doc. It isn't very eligant but I got the SMS app back up and running in about 20 min using the screen caps as a guide.
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As far as I can see there is NO way to back up HOURS of configuration, in case you have to re-install...
I just don't understand how Symantec can release a product without this ESSENTIAL function. 
If there is a way, please let us know.  Otherwise, how difficult would it be to patch this in? Also please give us back the Report Engine that Version 4 had, which is FAR superior to version 5.
This version has some nice features, but for administrators, it really falls short of intellegent design.....
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Has anyone figure out how to backup this thing ?? (and by backup i mean the actual configuration and not the useless spam or quarantine data)

On 4.1 you just copy a directory and that was it, i cannot believe that there is no backup on the new version.