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Backup of Sharepoint server

Created: 18 Dec 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


  Our Sharepoint Systems consist of  1 portal and 1 database( SQL2008)  server.

Can we use Netbackup agent for SQL to backup the database of the Sharepoint System?

Or we must use only the NBU agent for sharepoint to backup the sharepoint system.

  The result of recovery is same or not.  I think the agent for sharepoint is a step more complex  (more error) than SQL

Thank you.

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From Microsoft TechNet:

You cannot back up the complete farm by using the SQL Server tools because you cannot use the tools to back up the farm’s configuration

If you do not backup SQL as part of the farm from SharePoint's perspective, there can be potential problems when you do restores because data would become inconsistent, which would require additional tinkering as noted in this other TechNet page:

Although you cannot restore the complete farm by using SQL Server tools, you can restore most of the farm databases. If you restore the databases by using SQL Server tools, you must restore the farm configuration by using Central Administration or Windows PowerShell.

The above situation also applies to when you use Netbackup to backup only the SQL DBs without the rest of the farm data that are stored with other SharePoint services.

The recommended method to backup SharePoint is to use the Netbackup agent for SharePoint. The SQL DB backups will be handled for you in a SharePoint backup.
This ensures data integrity and consistency with both backups and restores of the farm (or its individual items).

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Thank you.

  The best way is to backup with nbu agent that configured as sharepoint method.

If I use the SQL agent for database, Can we restore the farm configuration using the File system backup.

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Can we restore the farm configuration using the File system backup.

If you follow the related pages on TechNet, you will find that it is possible using Microsoft tools and procedures. However, this is outside of Netbackup territory and is therefore not recommended or supported when you are already using Netbackup.

In the Netbackup SharePoint Admin guide, you will find that the farm configuration (amongst other things) can be backed up and restored by Netbackup.

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Thank you so much :)