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backup should every 2 hours run - between from 7.00 a.m - 17-00 p.m

Created: 23 May 2013 | 2 comments

hi again :-)

i will create a backup job in be2012 Sp1a, the should backup the server every 2 hours intervall. the job start on 7 a.m in the morning, should repeat every 2 hours and end at 5 p.m in the afternoon.

In the Schedule Option in the job i found under the Recurrence Pattern the option

hours ..

every 2 hours and "at: 7:00"

Starting on date

But where i can define the time from the last backup?

Thank you!


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Colin Weaver's picture

This is acknowledg3ed as somethign that was present in BE 2010 R3 and earlier and has been omitted from 2012 -  we are looking at ways to bring it back in a future release.The setting you are looking at does start foorm 07:00 on first day but then repeats for ever there is no end time for later the same day.

One option to work around it is

Create a job definition with 1 stage that repeats daily starting at 07:00

another stage that starts at 09:00 also repeating daily

another stage that starts at 11:00 also repeating daily


repeat above until until 17:00