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Backup size exceeding tape size

Created: 02 Dec 2013 | 8 comments
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I have a backup which is too large for the size of the backup tape.

The backup fails at 1,020,514,340,582 bytes approximately.

I ran a test run for media capcity check to complete individual job and it reports as 752,413,518,012.  I'm not too sure if the test run is acurate but the two dont appear to match up.

I added the below exclusions in on Friday but am now out of ideas other than excluding the actual data.  Is anyone able to give me any pointers as to if the test run is acurate or if my exclusions are incorrect perhaps to free up more space.



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How large is your backup tape? Make sure you have all your updates installed and pushed out to the remote servers.

Try running the job to make sure the test results are accurate.

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Like lmosla said, you need to perform an actual backup to see how much data can you backup on that tape.

The main factor involved here is compression. The amount of compression you would get would be different for different data (txt files, databases, images, etc). This would obviously change how much data can you backup to the tape.

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Thank you for the replies.  They are LTO4 tapes.  Last nights backup ran with a slightly smaller byte count to some of those which were successful.  I see it is now up to the last server (RDS - system state).  I have reduced the backup size slightly by removing some of the TS profiles but am not sure if this is enough before tonights backup.  

I did think about compression but if anything would expect the test backup to be slightly larger because the compression is done at the time of the backup.

I have not yet pushed the SP3 update out for buexec 2010 do you think this could help with the compression?

Many Thanks


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Backup Exec has no control over how much compression you can achieve. However, it is always advisable to keep the Tape drivers and firmware uptodate. Also, SP3 does fix a lot of issues, not sure if anything is specific to compression, but it is always recommended to stay updated in terms of service packs.

Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 3 Release Notes

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Trying to fit your backup set onto a single tape by removing resources is a futile effort.  Data will always grow and undo this effort.  What are you going to do when you run out of things to exclude?

It is better to put procedures to handle the second tape requirement or invest in a tape library.

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Thanks for your help everyone.  I agree we need to do something long term; for the short term we have managed to reduce the data being backed up.


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Just for info, some of the things you listed as Exclusions are already Excluded by Backup Exec in the background (Windows Swap Files for instance)  so you probably did not gain much back against some of your amendments

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Likewise, pagefile.sys is automatically excluded.