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Backup solution

Created: 26 Jun 2013 | 7 comments

We are considering the backup solution for our new windows 2008 r2 server.

1) we need backup for files in 2 server (including the backup server).

2) we need backup local pst file for outlook in users' PC.

3) We may consider user NAS for storage, can Symantec Backup Exec support backup from/to NAS?



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1) you will need the core BE licence and a remote agent licence to backup 2 servers.

2) you might want to look at DLO which is a separate product from BE.

3) BE can backup to and from a NAS.  To backup a NAS, you need a remote agent licence fo each NAS.

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...if you want to backup to a NAS, try organising a NAS with iSCSI...present those iSCSI LUNs to your media server which gets around a lot of the authentication issues you would have when backing up to a share.

Just to clarify your license requirements...your media server license has a RAWS license which is required anyway when installing the media server license. For the other remote server, you'd need 1 RAWS agent, not 2.

If you have Windows VIsta or before, then you don't need a RAWS agent to be licensed to protect the workstation...this will allow you to install the RAWS agent on that workstation for free and backup the *.pst files. If on Windows 7 and up, you need a RAWS license, and DLO, as suggested by pkh, would be what you look at. BE ships with 5 free licenses so you need to purchase licenses for DLO if more than 5.

Otherwise relocate the *.psts to a server and back them up there.


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You have to have a RAWS to backup a Vista machine.  You don't need a RAWS licence to backup WinXP or earlier.

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...yep, missed the "prior" part. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Make sure that you use the appropriate HCL to make sure what is purchased for Backup Exec is supported.  see:  for Backup Exec 2010 R3  and Backup Exec 2012

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If it require RAWS for each PC to be backup. The cost will be too expensive to us. I will consider copy the .pst to another server or NAS first.

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...DLO works well, but backing them up from a central location like a file server (disk space allowing) is preferred. 1 license, 1 location to backup/restore from.


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