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Backup solution design for sharepoint 2013 with backend SQL2012 servers in MS Cluster

Created: 28 Dec 2013 | 5 comments

Hi Folks, 


We have a requirement  that we need to configure the Sharepoint 2013 backups. Now the sharepoint backups will have sharepoint frontend Application servers and backend SQL servers 2012  in MS cluster.

As a part of requirement for sharepoint farm 2013, we would need to have netbackup client installed on all the nodes of the farm whether they are frontend or backend.

The doubt I have is that for backend for this farm will have SQL 2012 servers in ms cluster.So do we install netbackup client package along with bp.conf on  as a clustered resource so that it fails over on each node along with BP.conf when is required  ? or do we have different design consideration. Please advice if anyone has experience in such a Setup. 




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There is no bp.conf in windows, information is kept in the registry. You'll install NBU client on all systems (SPS and SQL cluster nodes). SPS backup will connect to SQL via the name confgured in SPS. It will then backup the database(s).


Use this note for configuration


for SPS 2013 you need

Please also note that "Always On/Availability Groups" are not supported at this time for SQL2012

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Thanks for the reply, the main question is: On sql 2012 in MS cluster, Do we need to install netbackup client as part of cluster resources/devices which failover ? Or we install it on both nodes of the SQL cluster ?

Sorry forgot we are in windows so no bp.conf :p

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netbackup client can not installed as cluster resource.

You have to install it on both SQL nodes. In fact you have to install it on all sharepoint systems as Riaan said.

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Thanks StefanosM

The Comments posted here are not that of the Organisation i work for, i do solely own these as my OWN.

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Yes you just install the client on all cluster nodes. When you're performing a backup, you target the virtual name. So basically there is no difference in how your sql clients access the database and how we do it. In clustering you always use the virtual name to access the resources. Backup is no different.